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Quattroflow™ Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

Quattroflow™ Fluid Systems, part of Pump Solutions Group (PSG®), is a leading manufacturer of quaternary (4-piston) diaphragm pumps for sterile fluid transfer applications in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech industries.

Compared to peristaltic pumps, Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps provide superior transfer of critical biological fluids. Inspired by the human heart, Quattroflow’s quaternary diaphragm pumps deliver low-shear, low-slip and low-pulsation performance that gently transfers the delicate biological media used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications.

Featuring a unique seal-less design, Quattroflow’s stainless steel quaternary diaphragm pumps are self-priming and CIP and SIP capable. Single-use positive displacement pump technology reduces maintenance costs, improves purification yields of filtration systems and optimizes speed to market.

From tangential flow filtration (TFF), chromatography and centrifuge-feed applications, to virus filtration and inline dilution, Quattroflow positive displacement pumps deliver sterile fluid transfer that is efficient, consistent and, most importantly, gentle enough for delicate media.

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Phone: 413.237.5555 
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